Photo-A-Day #995 12/29/07

This is Nicholas. He is the son of my good friends Derek and Michelle. They came over for dinner tonight along with Neil and Andrea. We had a great time and Nicholas was a great subject for the December Challenge. He is such a happy kid and would immediately smile and look directly at the camera when it was pointed his way.

We had a great night and I made pizza for everyone. Plain, Pepperoni and two versions of Buffalo Chicken, one with Blue Cheese and one with Ranch Dressing. The pizzas came out awesome. I am very happy how they turned out. After dinner we played a bit with the Wii Zapper and then Derek, Neil and I did some Wii bowling. It was a great night with great friends.

Today Allison and I finished season 3 of Smallville too. Season 3 has been my favorite season so far. I liked the end very much.

12 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #995 12/29/07”

  1. hi!

    Im glad i found this blog. Im also into photography,I am actually taking photography lessons in a university.

    I like how you take your pictures.


  2. Do you have a ‘childproof’ home ? We have a 3yo boy and everything needs to be locked, put away or made safer ! Happy New Year ! P.S. Also a Smallville fan.

  3. David,
    Our daughter is 3 months old so we got an eye opening experience having Nicholas around and learned that we are not even close to ready for a childproof house.

    We are pretty addicted to Smallville and have watched season four episodes 1-4 tonight.

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