Photo-A-Day Updates

Okay, I’m back, back in the States, back in the swing of things and back doing Photo-A-Day. Man, I am so thankful to everyone who participated in Guest Photo-A-Day. I’ll recap the images for you all.

#1 – Tiger pooping by Christopher Williams. That was just classic.
#2 – Garth Brooks’ Butt by Lisa Spodak. Right place, right time.
#3 – Stephen Driving by Andy. I knew it would be funny.
#4 – Movie Set Neighborhood by Kym Rohman.
#5 – Drummers by Matt. Rock out.
#6 – Sunset by Mo. Wasn’t taken that day but I’ll let it slide for all the great work she did while we were on our honeymoon. Thanks for taking over the blog while we were gone Mo!
#7 – Comics by Wes Molebash. We think you are Rad too.
#8 – Christmas Decorations by Gabrielle. We’re gonna have to make it a point to get down to NY to meet our Photo-A-Day friends.
#9 – Train Station by Kostika. Something I would have taken a shot of for sure. Just love it.

Thanks so much for to everyone who stepped up and helped us out while we were away in Aruba. Since the wedding I have been informed that many more people are now reading the blog and having you guys help out while we were gone gave those folks something to read and see instead of having to wait till we came back home. I’m so happy to have met (either in person or online) such nice people. Thanks.

So, was I idle during the honeymoon, sipping Aruba Vices or Aruba Arribas all week and therefore let my Photo-A-Day skills lapse, heck no. I took at least one Photo-A-Day but more like 30-40 photos a day. I finally got together the ones I would pick to showcase for each day. And I have posted them to Buzznet, Which is being a real challenge about the blog this feature. It seems like they still haven’t fixed the problem with the blogging to Blogger, I still get the error that Mo got. By the way Mo thanks for taking the initiative and extra time and care to post each photo manually to the Blog. I really appreciate that extra effort. Buzznet however was able to let me post to MYspace. So I posted each of the Photo-A-Day pictures that I put on Buzznet to my MYspace blog. Then I cut and paste the post to the Blogger Account. I posted each Photo-A-Day so that each would be on the day that they were actually taken. This means that the 9 photos that I took are no interspersed throughout the blog on the appropriate days. But instead of having to sift through the November archive you can see the photos three ways.

Way #1
Photo-A-Day #220
Photo-A-Day #221
Photo-A-Day #222
Photo-A-Day #223
Photo-A-Day #224
Photo-A-Day #225
Photo-A-Day #226
Photo-A-Day #227
Photo-A-Day #228

Way #2
Start with Photo-A-Day #220 on Buzznet and click the right arrow to move from image to image.

Way #3
Go to My MYspace Blog and scroll to the bottom and read each post as you scroll up.

I hope that everyone enjoys these photos. There are many more to come from the honeymoon and when I get all the wedding images there will be all the wedding photos too.