Photo Hunters: Emotion 06/14/08

Eva's 2007 Christmas Card

Looks very much like our little one has utter disgust on her face. Could it be that Christmas threw up all over her dress and Daddy has been taking photos non stop for the past 15 minutes? Probably. My submission for the Photo Hunt this week.

12 thoughts on “Photo Hunters: Emotion 06/14/08”

  1. What are you doing to my grandaughter? She does not look happy. Enjoy your weekend in NH.

  2. Erica,
    It will certainly be one of those for the childhood memory books. I know she’ll get a kick out of them when she is much older.

  3. Dad,
    About 50 photos in a row made her a bit cranky. She is okay now. She had a nice day. We saw no balloons however.

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