Photo-Hunters – Music 09/08/07

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I am a big fan of Folk Music. Pictured here are Ellis Paul, Flynn and Antje Duvekot. They Rock!

This is a photo of Christopher Williams. He is a great guy and Allison and I consider him and his wife friends. They are such nice people. Christopher is the inspiration behind Photo-A-Day. Please visit each musician’s website to listen to some great music. Also you can see more photos on my MusicScene gallery on Buzznet.

I will be at a Jimmy Buffett concert tomorrow so any comments will be responded to on Sunday. I appreciate each and every visit and comment and you will receive a return visit from me. Last week was a little crazy and even after lastnight/tonight’s drama I wasn’t about to miss this week’s hunt.

33 thoughts on “Photo-Hunters – Music 09/08/07”

  1. Hi tnchick, I am thrilled that you stopped by to comment. These folks are great, my wife and I have seen them all multiple times and try and go each time they are in town.

  2. Thanks Paulie, they make such great music. Ellis is doing a children’s album as well, might be something you can look into, I noticed that your photos were of kids, his music for kids would be wonderful. It is going to be our baby’s first CD or not quite first because I think the baby will debut before the CD.

  3. I love folk music too, but I don’t know these people either. I’ll have to check them out. It’s a wonderful theme this week.

  4. Folk music is wonderful, isn’t it? I don’t know them either, but I started checking out some of their sites, sounded good so far. Will have to check them out after I am done bloghopping. Have a great time at the Jimmy Buffet concert. I am a big fan of his too.

  5. Great photos, but I am a big fan of my nephew, his band Changes in Michigan, they have several CDs out and I do hear songs my nephew Vito has written and preformed on the radio…if you get a chance, come visit my site and use the link to Changes…

  6. whew, Drew! I have to listen to music, go to the photo walk site, worry about your kitties, not to mention Allision, visit all your PADs and catch up on my own! I’m tired already!

    But it’s too hot to do anything else. Would you believe that where I work, on the Canadian border, it was 91 degrees yesterday? The principal released the teachers early because of the heat.

    I hope Allison is coping with the heat OK.

  7. Hi JMB. Please do check out their music, it is wonderful and they are great in concert as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Thanks Kissedalotatoads, The Buffett concert was a great time. Also I am glad you went and checked out the folk artists I love them, they are so awesome to see.

  9. Hi Hoto,
    I left links so that everyone could explore their music as it was intended to be heard, their sites are really good, check them out, you can hear their music there as well.

  10. Meeyauw,
    I guess I keep you all sorts of busy. Allison and I coped with the heat yesterday very well. We each drank about a case of water during the concert. The heat was tough yesterday.

  11. Hi Sara,
    I hope you listen to their music. That music is very good. They have some interesting things to say. We’ve seen them all quite a few times.

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