Photo-Hunters – Shoes- 06/08/07

The theme for this week’s Photo Scavenger Hunt is Shoes. The first image is of the boots that the photographer for the wedding of my friends Neil and Andrea had on.

Fancy Boots

Next up are my new Snowshoes. I took this image back for Photo-A-Day #699


Back before Allison and I got married we took dancing classes. I wanted to take photos while we were at the class, but instead just took this photo of our shoes back for Photo-A-Day #212 11/06/05.

Dancing Shoes

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18 thoughts on “Photo-Hunters – Shoes- 06/08/07”

  1. Wow, you site is so slow I almost went to sleep. Must be too many photos and widgets.
    But I waited. Is that what modern day snow shoes look like? I still have in mind tennis racket type things. Did you go dancing in sneakers?

  2. Hi JMB. I probably have a pretty busy site. I did take something off today that should make it load faster. I’m glad you hung in there though. I did not dance in sneakers at the wedding but for the class I did. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. And waiting for the slow load. I will work on making it faster.

  3. Thanks Jenn in Holland. I really should have gotten a shot during class, but then how would I have gotten the two of us dancing and still been able to call it Photo-A-Day (taken by me)

  4. Lol Pelf. How did you know they were mine. I’m kidding of course, those were not mine. I was not the wedding photographer, (however that is something I want to get into.) Thanks for the visit and thanks for the laugh.

  5. Barbara H. Thanks for the comment. I thought back to all of shoe photos I had taken, (more than I thought) And picked the ones that would be best for the theme.

  6. What, my shoes weren’t cute? Hah. Snowshoes are big when you need to hold up a Big snowshoer. They are very fun to use though.

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