Pizza and friends

Tonight Neil and Andrea came over and they brought some Wrentham House pizza with them. Wrentham House is like Paul’s Pizza but much bigger. It is some tasty stuff. We lost power today so when they arrived we had quite a few candles burning and they were greeted by flashlight. About 15 minutes after they arrived the power turned back on.

Andrea was excited to check out my new Nikon D80 Digital SLR camera and she discovered something that I now have to get fixed. It seems that there is something on the Digital sensor that puts a ghost object into my pictures. I didn’t see it until she pointed it out and now I see it in every picture. Observe.

Do you see the spot?

Well there is a spot right in the middle of the top of the picture above the picture that is in the picture, got it. That is something on the senor. I can try and clean it but I have a year warranty so I can send it back to get cleaned. I will have to learn more about switching lenses to prevent dust and dirt from landing on the sensor. I think that is what happened at some point where I switched lenses, or it may have been there all along. I do not know. It is always in that same spot but can only bee seen when a light solid color appears in the picture.