Plantar Fasciitis

So, I have Plantar Fasciitis. I have had foot pain for near over a year now. I finally found out what it was today. The soles of my feet have felt weird, sometimes painful (like at the beach on the rocks, that is why I have such a funny tan line, I cannot go to the beach without my water shoes.) Sometimes really painful, cramps that pull the foot into a ball. And sometimes very cold, like first thing in the morning when I get out of bed and go to the shower.

I went to a very good podiatrist this morning (no snow was keeping me from that appointment.) And he explained to me what my foot pain was, taped up my feet and gave me an anti inflammatory prescription for the pain. X-Rays of my feet were also taken.

With the taping I have to leave the feet taped for 5 days, stay off my feet as much as possible and oh yeah, can’t get them wet. Showering for the next 5 days is gonna be fun. And I have to present this week, tomorrow in fact.

I guess my problem is that I tend to roll my feet outward and unconsciously walk on the outer part of my foot. I also noticed that when I sit I roll my feet over onto their sides. It has been a conscious struggle all day to not do this. I had a heck of a time on my first flight of the day and kept reminding myself not to roll my feet. Hopefully I can correct this without orthodics but it may come to that. Hopefully I can get this taken care of and enjoy hiking and skiiing again without foot pain.

Oh and I really like my new Primary care Physician he actually gave me the refferal to the podiatrist instead of just telling me to lose weight. Which Is a contributing factor but not the only one.

I am currently reading Ill Wind by Nevada Barr, it is pretty good.

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  1. I feel like this is an episode of the Golden Girls and we just need a cheesecake…but I have that too!! My brother is an athletic trainer…you should take a tennis ball and when you sit and watch tv roll it around under your foot…it feels much better…it works for me!! It’s so nice to share a ridiculous ailment with someone!!


  2. I’ll have to get one tomorrow. I just travelled all day and arrived at my hotel at 12:00pm. The Dr. said that I should have some frozen water bottles to roll my feet on. Oh well, don’t think I’m gonna get that. I did however get a handicap accessible room so my getting the feet wet problem is taken care of, now if the other hotels are as accomodating….

  3. I think I have a product that may help you. These are shoe insoles specifically designed for people with foot injuries or medical conditions. The name of the product is ShockBlockers Medical. These insoles are 5/16″ thick and have a lot of cushion.
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    I hope shockblockers help you.

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