Please Blog Sincerely

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Photo-A-Day #1761

While looking around the house to take today’s photo I noticed the fridge. On the fridge we have a ton of magnetic words. I noticed these words and arranged them in this way. This is my approach to blogging. Be sincere in what you blog about, how you approach your craft and how you interact with others.

These words have helped me build an active community, a successful brand and have more fun.

6 thoughts on “Please Blog Sincerely”

    1. Laura,

      First off I am sorry to hear that you are losing your job. I believe we spoke about this in the past, too. I think that now that you are faced with blogging as THE option at the moment that it will naturally become something that you treat more as a business.

      For me, right now, this blog is still a means of expressing my thoughts and sharing those thoughts with people, I may take in a little money but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be worried if I lost my job. There are things I certainly would devote more time to online to develop the business and I’ve laid out some major groundwork over the years, it scares me to lose security (or the false sense of it anyway) but I know I will step up if need be.

  1. Sorry to here you lost your job, mine tanked about 7 months ago. It sucks but what can you do but go forward. Hope things work out for you.

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