Pot Luck and a Birthday Party

Pot Luck and a Birthday Party
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Tonight Allison, Eva and I went downstairs for dinner with the family. Allison made meatloaf, broccoli, and potatoes. Tara made chicken fingers and fries Mom and Dad had a pizza from the new place down the street and a salad. Eva was happy to eat the olives and dip her broccoli into Shelby’s ketchup. Eva even got to sit in a new chair, no high chair for her. She sat in the same children’s chair that I, Tara and Shelby sat in as children.

We celebrated Tara’s birthday tonight with out pot luck dinner and ice cream cake. We were supposed to have some gluten free cupcakes, Erik special ordered them but someone in the chain of events on the delivery side dropped the ball. Oh the poor guy that screws up something for Erik. I pity that fool. Well, maybe tomorrow we’ll have the cupcakes.

We had a nice evening and Eva loved spending time with her her Memere, Grandfather, aunties and Taylor as well as Erik, and his parents Bonnie and Howard. Here is Eva and her aunties.

Eva w/ Her Aunties

6 thoughts on “Pot Luck and a Birthday Party”

  1. Great pictures! We really enjoyed the evening and Eva is a joy. It appears Tara and Shelby are well on the way to spoil her.

  2. I adore the family photos:) These posts make me very happy…and I don’t tell you this but believe it or not they help a lot with my “touch o’homesickness!” I love that you all get together like this:) I’m going to demand it when my parents and Peggy move down here:) Happy Birthday & Potluck Party;)

    Mos last blog post..Blog no more….

  3. Mo,
    I hope that you guys go have lots of get togethers once the fam moves to Florida, and look at it this way, each year during Spring training Bob will be down too, it’ll be a great time for a family pot luck meal.

    I am glad the posts make you happy.

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