Psych: Daredevils

Again, late with this one but spoilers anyway.

The show opened with a flashback to 1987 where Shaun is preparing to ride his bike over a ramp and another kid. Henry grabs him at the last minute. It makes sense that Shaun like daredevils and daredevils are his heroes. It totally fits his persona.

The episode was a pretty good one with most of the focus on the case that Shaun and Gus were working. They stumbled upon that case because of a daredevil named Dutch the Clutch who was played by the guy who plays Frank Laupidus on Lost. It was great seeing him on another show but funny that I could see the Laupidus character being a little like Dutch, they dressed the same and everything.

Shawn and Gus go to see Dutch Perform. Shaun spots a leaking gas line as Dutch goes through a ring of fire and concludes that someone is trying to murder Dutch. The guys then try and get into Dutch’s inner circle. They befriend Dutch’s son.

A couple of red herrings are thrown at us in the form of Dutch’s son and one of the guys on the crew but eventually Shaun finds the real mastermind behind the sabotage.

I personally am enjoying seeing a more grown up Shaun. It makes the character more believable and easier to identify with. I think that his approach to Dutch and what dutch was trying to do was very spot on. It showed real maturity on Shaun’s part.

Another storyline that is happening is the one on the Police side. Lassiter is having women troubles and Juliette is charged with finding him a date. This leads to a funny exchange with a hooker. I think we need some more episodes where Lassiter and Juliette are featured more prominently and not just peripheral.

Also if you ever wondered about the pineapple in every episode here are some theories.

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  1. I love Psych. I can always count on Shaun and Gus to make me laugh. Even if I am not watching and just listening while doing something else. One of my favorites was the Scary Sherry one. Did you see that one? I honestly laughed until I cried. I even love to watch the reruns. I have almost everyone I know hooked on it. That and Burn Notice.

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  2. 1stopmom,
    Seeing as I grew up when these guys did I really can identify when they toss in 80s references. I love the way these two interact, it is hilarious. And Burn notice is my favorite show on TV, it stole that spot form Psych.

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