Psych: Disco Didn’t Die. It Was Murdered!

Recap/Review Spoilers.

Friday night’s episode of Psych was okay, despite attempts to be Groovy. I watched commentary by the writer of this episode after it aired and saw that this was supposed to be episode #3 of the season. That might explain the cops doing their own thing and Shawn and Gus doing theirs. The episode from the week before was still the best one ever and it brought the cops and Shawn and Gus together. I think that formula works well with Shawn and Lassiter playing off each other.

But for this episode we see Shawn and Gus getting an assignment to investigate a case that was recently overturned. It just so happened to be Henry’s biggest case when he was on the force. Henry was not to be involved in this case in any way. Too, late Henry is at the Psych office and also one step ahead of the guys in the investigation. So they reluctantly let him help. It was fun to watch Shawn be in charge of the investigation and doing his goofy things and having Henry cut him down throughout. But it was also fun watching Shawn get the better once in a while too. I think that through this investigation there was some mutual respect between father and son.

The investigation leads to a Patty Hearst like organization called SAG, Students Against Government. Eugene, the guy who was put away by Henry was a bomb builder for SAG. However, it turns out that he was framed by two other members. The two other members are the perfect yuppie couple and will stop at nothing to keep that way of life. They kill their old professor and try to blow up Eugene. Shawn gambles big and arms the bomb and reveals their deceptive ways forcing the couple to disarm the bomb.

The best parts of the episode were the spoof on the 70’s. Gus and Shawn giggling as Henry said Pookie multiple times. Pookie being played by the guy who played Issac on the Love Boat, too funny. The car, Gus’ half asleep leg and then walk. The jive talk wasn’t that funny but the outfits were.

This wasn’t the best episode of the season but it wasn’t too bad. Even a bad episode of Psych is pretty fun.

Oh and the cops, see they should be together instead of running separate storylines… Lassiter and Juliette trick Buzz into taking a lame case so they can take a case for Diamond smugglers. That backfires as Buzz stumbles into a much bigger case than he had. Lassiter and Juliette take the case back and end up having that backfire as well. They finally come together with Shawn and Gus as they take down the remaining members of SAG. Some funny parts but would have been funnier with Shawn and Gus workign with the cops.

8 thoughts on “Psych: Disco Didn’t Die. It Was Murdered!”

  1. I don’t understand why the real radicals didn’t just run for it, instead of trying to frame the guy who’s already been in prison.

    Also, I’m pretty sure i’ve seen this before on NCIS or numb3rs or something (where the person who went to prison didn’t do it, and the now apparently upright citizen’s brigade was actually responsible)

    Finally, what’s with the changed theme song…or is this just a different/longer sample of the full song

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  2. Andrew,
    The song is the extended version, was it on TV or just, it was the first time I heard the whole thing.

  3. Hi. I’m may and Korean.
    I really like “psych” but I didn’t understand someting while watching last episode. I googled for finding answer. so I end up in your blog.
    If you don’t mind, would you answer to me?
    I didn’t understand why “pookie” is funny name.
    I couldn’t get it. please reply this bolg. ASAP I’ll visit this blog . Thanks!

  4. Hi May,
    My best guess at why it was funny is that the name sounds funny. Pookie is not generally a name one has for a grown man. Pookie is also the name of Garfield’s teddy bear. It is a silly sounding name and to hear Henry Spencer say Pookie is just funny. I don’t think it is laugh out loud like Shawn and Guy made it out to be but it is funny. Plus it sounds very close to the word dookie. That is my best guess.

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