Psych: There Might be Blood

No Hulu stream this time, there is now an eight day waiting period to watch the stream. Eight days, why is there an eight day waiting period now on Who knows.

Recap / Review Spoilers, you should know the drill by now.

Overall this was not a super strong episode of Psych. Sure the police and Shawn and Gus did work together during the episode, which is always good. There was some interaction with Henry, which is also decent. But I felt something lacking in this episode that I couldn’t put my finger on.

The episode dealt with Chief Vick and her sister. Vick’s sister is a commander in the Coast Guard and these two took sibling rivalry really far. Shawn not only solves the crime but helps to bring these two sisters together for a brief period of time.

Shawn and Gus are out on a boat with Chief Vick and they are overtaken by a Coast Guard boat. Here we meet Vick’s sister. Both women are dominant and they have little good to say about the other. Now wait a minute, didn’t Lassiter and Juliette spend last week with the Coast Guard in a windowless room for seasickness. It would have been fun to introduce us to Vick’s sister last week (without knowing who she was), but I think water episodes are just more costly.

Overall the story didn’t interest me much, the sibling rivalry was contrived. We don’t know much about Chief Vick either. I didn’t even realize that she was married and we haven’t seen her kid since last season.

What I did like about the episode was Lassiter’s infatuation with Vick’s sister. The final moments when Vick’s sister practically drags Lassiter out of the station were priceless. Let’s hope that this relationship gets Lassie out of his slump and he becomes more like his old self. I liked the confident Lassiter and not this whipped guy.

The stories are certainly more about the characters and relationships this season. Shawn is more of a psychic relationship counselor than a detective too. While this is good and we learn more about Shawn it can be overdone.

Not the worst but not the best either.

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  1. Jenn,
    DVD or DVR list? I’d have suggested using Hulu but now with the 8 day wait for new episodes I no longer would recommend that. Maybe getting the season on iTunes would be good.

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