PVP Animated? Yes Way!

I just read it today. Scott Kurtz over at the webcomic PVP (a term for online gaming for player vs player) is now taking his characters into the world of animation. PVP centers around a fictional office of great characters who create a fictional magazine called PVP. The comic has been around for 10 years. 10 years is a long time in the world of web comics, it is a long time in the world of comics too. But with webcomics being in their infancy this comic was there from the beginning. And it is a very good comic indeed. The writing and art is fun. The characters are likeable and it is updated 7 days a week. The entire archive from 1996 onward is online. You can read all about Cole, Brent, Skull, Jade, Francis and the rest of the characters to your heart’s content. Allison just finally got caught up on the archive and she is onto reading the comic daily with me. She is also a fan.

The animation show starts on February 1, 2007 and will run for a full year. There is a cost to this because the animation is being done by real animators, the voice work is being done by real voice actors and somebody needs to get paid for this work. Scott Kurtz himself has given a lot to his fans, comics 7 days a week for free, a free archive. This is a guy who is doing things on his own terms and doing them well.

You can watch the first minute of the cartoon on YouTube. I’ve added it here. Oh yeah, if you sign up for the full year of episodes, 12 in all, right now it is $19.95 and if you wait till February it is $29.95. So glad I have some PayPal cash from PPP.

YouTube is having scheduled maintenance right now, I mean it is midnight, who is online at midnight? I’ll embedd the video tomorrow. In the meantime you can read about the animation series and hopefully see the video at Scott’s Blog