Rainy Day BBQ….

Today Allison and I were at her parent’s house for a BBQ. I got up this morning and went and got the ice for the beer and soda. Then I fogged the back yard for bugs and we prepared for everyone to arrive.

Folks started arriving at 12:30pm and we had plenty of food, but the sun wasn’t out and the rain was falling. So everyone was in the house. Around 3:00 the rain stopped and we went outside. I jumped in the pool, because this weekend I was going to go swimming, no matter what. The weather had been so terribly hot this past week and I really wanted to swim today. I even went out and bought some pool toys so we would have something to do in the pool.

The pool toys were a couple of plastic Orca whales that when you held them underwater and released them, they would ‘swim’ to through the water to the surface. After a couple dozen tries I finally got one to go about six feet across the pool. Bart stood on the desk and flipped one into the water over and over with the pool net. We made a game out of how many flips the whale could do before it would land in the pool and whether or not it would land, ‘clean’ i.e. minimal splashing.

Dano cooking the grub.

Hours of fun for a mere $5.

I’ll take my ice cream cake in the pool please.

We had a good time today and lots of fun. Bart and Erin agreed to read at the wedding, and we are very happy to have them share with us that day.

We should be leaving for home soon. I took a great nap today.