Rainy Saturday Afternoon

Rainy Saturday Afternoon
Photo-A-Day #1268

It was a really rainy day here in MA. My Dad called me to tell me that there were many spiderwebs covered in drops of water. I went outside but forgot my tripod. This image could have been a little better. It is very similar to this Spider photo I took in October of last year.

I was home on my own for the day while Allison and Eva went off for Book Club. This gave me time to do a few things around the house. Now that Eva is getting bigger she has little need for a few of her baby playthings. So I took apart the bouncy seat, the activity center and another activity thing. I packaged all of it up in a plastic container and made sure that I had removed all the batteries.

I am doing this so we can make space for the wave of things that will be coming in for Eva’s Birthday. I’m not being presumptuous about gifts that she may receive, I’m referring to two gifts that I already picked up for her. One is the Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Sit-To-Stand Giraffe, I picked that up from Allison and I to Eva. Since Eva is pulling herself up to stand so much I thought that this would be a fun toy for her to play with. There was another item from Playschool that we looked at but it was more of a sitting toy, Eva is a kid who likes to stand. The other toy is from Mimi and Grandpa Dano but I will leave that a surprise for now. Let’s just say I needed to clear out some room before we put that together.

Other than that I’ve been working on computer stuff all day. I did watch the season finale of Burn Notice and it rocked. Did you know that you can subscribe to episodes and clips from your favorite shows on Hulu.com. You can ever follow the things on your subs through an RSS feed. I added it to my Google reader and will occasionally share things I have watched. Also, I added coComment integration to this blog as well as to 4 other blogs including Allison’s Blog. Please let me know what you think of it, are you a coComment user please let me know as well.

Now I need to work on the Wired Kayaker video I mean to work on months ago. After I find something for dinner.