Review – Angry Birds Go Telepods – Pig Rock Raceway

Assembling the Pig Rock Raceway

We received an Angry birds Go! Telepods Pig Rock Raceway Set to play with and review. Opinions of this toy are 100% our own.

The mash up of real world toys and virtual ones continues with a whole new Angry Birds series called Angry Birds Go!. In this iteration of the popular franchise the birds are back and they are behind the wheel driving some crazy cool karts. The igs are back as well and they also get to drive some fun karts.

The Kids Racing on the Pig Rock Raceway

The physical toy that we received is a complete racing solution. Two karts race head to head while trying to avoid obstacles, knock out pigs and reach the checkered flag first.

Red in the Slingshot

Once you assemble the track you can slingshot your racer and see if it reaches the end. There are obstacles that swing, some that knock racers off the tracks and others that trigger mechanisms for knocking out pigs. If both racers are tearing down the track there is a spot where the track will swing out and force the second racer off the road. My kids got a huge kick out of this feature. My daughter enjoyed the toy but my two year old son LOVED it. He couldn’t get enough of slingshotting the cars down the track. He’d shoot them down the track and laugh like crazy.


An aspect of the physical game that isn’t really in the app is knocking out the pigs. In the Pig Rock Raceway there are three pigs, pirate pigs that you can knock off of obstacles. At the very end your kart can hit a pirate treasure chest and knock out the biggest pig.

King Pig's Race Kart

The Pig Rock Raceway came with two karts. There was the Red and King Pig. King Pig is an exclusive kart that you can only get in this set. Red can be picked up in this set or an individual pack. Both karts can be placed on the telepod device and teleported into the game. The Angry Birds Go! app is available for both iOs and Android devices.

Red's Race Kart

I’ve been playing the app rather obsessively since it was released on December 11th. There was even a countdown game that showed all of the racers and if you played it you could get some extra coins to help upgrade your karts. The game is a downhill racer game where you race the pigs and other birds. Along the way you gather coins, smash obstacles and fruit. There are beat the clock races, head to head races and coming in the Spring multi-player races.

While I enjoy most aspects of the app I don’t like having to teleport the karts in each time I want to use them. I should be able to port them in once and use them whenever I want after that. I don’t take these toys on the go with me but I do take my phone and that is the device I use to play the game. You can buy the karts in the game for real world money but if you’ve already bought the physical toy and paid real world money then I think it should be completely unlocked for the player.

Other than that the game is very fun to play and I love all the extra challenges that get unlocked as you play.