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Review: Create More With Queal, a Nutritionally Complete Meal Replacement Option

Queal on the Beach

A while back I started trying out some meal replacement shakes or nutritionally complete meal shakes. I had posted about them and was approached by another company called Queal. Queal wanted to know how the other company’s meal shakes were working for me and if I would try theirs to see what I thought. So, I agreed and Queal sent me a care package of a bunch of their flavors and some new shakers.

Right off the bat I found the taste of Queal more appealing than what I had been drinking. I also liked that the flavors came already mixed into the meals themselves. Each ouch that arrived is enough for 3 complete meals of 700 cal each. What I liked was that each of these meals was only 8.3 g of sugar with 49.2 g of protein and 14.4 g of fiber. I often used less Queal in each shake. I did not see a difference in taste or how full I felt. I was able to get 4 or 5 meals out of one pouch.

I had Queal often while I was on the Cape this Summer. I did this for a few reasons. I can’t stand sand in my food at the beach and so it was quite easy to prevent that with my shaker of Queal. I also don’t enjoy thinking of what to eat every day for lunch. I’m sick of lunch meat sandwiches and there is only so much tuna that one can have. So, I opted for Queal for breakfast and lunch for the few weeks on Cape Cod. I could easily make my breakfast the night before and put it into the fridge so it was nice and cold. For Lunches I’d make my lunch right after finishing breakfast and put it in the freezer for an hour or so to get it really cold and then put it in the fridge until it was time to head to the beach. The paperwork I received says that Queal stays good for 12 hours at room temperature once mixed with water or a day and a half in the fridge. I can only drink this when it is ice cold. I can never get used to a warm shake.

Queal is made of oats, corn, soy, milk and other natural ingredients. They also add a custom blend of vitamins and minerals to make it nutritionally complete. Each meal gives you 33% of all essential nutrients. You can learn more about the nutritional values of Queal on their website.

Queal ready

There are many flavors and I enjoyed the ones I tried like Cool Chocolate, Smooth Vanilla and Chocolate Hazelnut Happiness. My favorite was Chocolate Hazelnut Happiness.

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  1. Hey,

    Queal was my first MR, too. Flavours are definitely Queal’s strong suit.
    My favourite has always been chocolate hazelnut. I think it is the best chocolate taste that I have found in the market so far. Perhaps, YFood’s alpine chocolate being the exception.

    I have seen in the pictures that you have the old shaker. I can’t seem to find mine, but I remember the powder used to get stuck to the lid and that was really hard to clean it. Did you have similar problems?

    More of my thoughts on Queal https://latestfuels.com/queal-review/
    I would like to see what you think about it.

    Let me know

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