Review: Disney Princess Palace Pets Toys

Photo-A-Day #3132

I received a box of Disney Princess Palace Pets toys to test out and review. Opinions are 100% my own with some help from Eva.

A month or two ago I tried out the Disney Princess Palace Pets app with Eva. She loved it. She loved learning about all of these new pets that each of the Disney princesses have. She liked the names that they had, too. She didn’t know it at the time but a bunch of toys based on these pets would be hitting store shelves and I’d be getting some to review. When she came home from school today we had some time to spend and she wanted to help me with a review so I choose the Disney Princess Palace Pets for us to review.

Beauty and Bliss Playset, Pumpkin and Berry

I received four items from the line from Blip toys. A couple of the Furry Tail Friends figures, a Talking & Singing Pet and the Beauty & Bliss Play Set. Eva jumped right into playing with the toys. She was brushing the tails of the three smaller figures, Pumpkin, Cinderella’s Puppy, Berry, Snow White’s Bunny and Beauty, Aurora’s Kitty. She was also playing with Treasure, Ariel’s Kitty. That toy was the Talking & Singing Pet.

Talking and Singing Treasure in Box

Each of the pets come with a brush and also a removable tiara. The heads swivel and the tails can bend a bit. They are very colorful and come with a little booklet that has their stories.

Pumpkin, Beauty and Berry

For the most part these toys are pretty decent. They offer the kids cute figures to play with and pamper. They also pose well. The simple accessories work well with the figures, too like the brush and tiara. When you get into the Beauty and Bliss Play Sets there are more accessories like a spa bed, portrait of the pet and their princess and in the case of Beauty there is a little bottle that you can fill with water to paint Beauty’s nails and also a sleep mask.

The one thing that didn’t work that great was the color change nails on Beauty. She is supposed to have color change nails that change with some water but they did not change. I tried the nails with some different variations on the water, hot, cold regular temp but nothing changed the nail color.

Talking and Singing Treasure

The Talking and Singing Pet is slightly larger than the rest of the toys that we received. It is a good thing that these toys have a large head because that is where the sound element and batteries are housed. The toy has a removable tiara and a styling brush for the glitter tail. Treasure has some cute little phrases and sings row, row your boat.

Here is the official description of the Disney Princess Palace Pets.

“In the Disney Princess legacy, never before has there been a tail like this…

The Disney Princess characters have always loved animals and now, just like your favorite princess, you can play with, nurture, style and love their pets. welcome the newest arrivals to the kingdom. Disney Princess Palace Pets! Like the Disney Princess characters, the Palace Pets are loyal and loving, with unique personalities all of their own. Girls can get to know the Palace Pets through their rich back stories in new books and digital content, and they can collect, nurture and pamper them with the extensive new toy line including figures, plush, play sets and more.”