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When was at Time to Play a few weeks ago I stopped by the Neat-Oh! International table. I had made an appointment and because of that I received one of their very cute Neat-Oh!® The Picnic Lunch Box™ & Placemat Denzel Dogs. While that is a fantastic product the thing that caught my eye was the Hot Wheels™ Racing Battle Case. I love Hot Wheels toys and this Racing Battle Case was something I had never seen before and it was very unique. This is a carrying case for cars that doubles as a 4 lane car launcher for races.


Hot Wheels Racing Battle Case

asked for a review copy and it arrived last week. I couldn’t wait to play with it and show the kids what it could do. I knew that Andrew would get a huge kick out of it. He is our little speed demon and is enjoying all things cars these days. He’s even got a little backseat driver in him because he shouts, “Go!” every time we stop in the car.

photo 1

To get started you load up the 20 cars. You might notice that on the top row there is a monster truck looking vehicle. The compartments for the cars are fairly uniform but the top row can accommodate slightly taller cars that can the bottom rows. I found that out after getting that car jammed into the bottom row. Once you are all loaded it, it is time to race.

Unfolding the Racing Battle Case Ramps

First you have to unfold the ramp. Then you flip out a little black piece at the bottom of the case. This allows you to lean the case and the ramp forward so that when you pull up on the case and the car bays are exposed the cars will fly down the ramp. The handle of the case also folds down allowing you to pull up the bays where the cars are contained. When the handle is folded back up it becomes a convenient carrying case.

photo 4

You can choose to expose one row at a time slowly or in rapid succession to send the cars flying down the ramp and all over the place. We played over and over with Andrew and as he waited for me to pull up the case he would yell, “Go!”. He really enjoyed it and after each race he would help gather up the cars and put them back in the case.

Andrew enjoying the cars GO

I’ve bought Hot Wheels cars for the kids every Easter because they are fun to hide in the eggs. That means that most of the cars that we have are nice and short ones. The longer cars do not fit in the eggs and some of our longer cars do not fit in the Hot Wheels™ Racing Battle Case so be advised that overly long and overly tall cars will not fit in the case but it is good sized for many cars.

photo 5

We had a very fun time playing with this Racing Case and I foresee Andrew taking this places in the future, like to visit his grandparents.

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