Review: MicroTouch One

The MicroTouch One in carrying case.

I received a MicroTouch One to try out and review. Opinions are 100% my own.

I have been shaving since I was in sixth grade. I’ve used electric razors, multi-bladed razors and once in High School I had to shave with a two blade disposable razor and a bar of soap. I have never used a single bladed razor to shave. Never, until today. Today I tried out the MicroTouch One.

The MicroTouch One is a single bladed safety razor. This is an absolutely beautiful razor. The razor comes in its own carrying case. It is solid brass, chrome plated and opens with a simple twist. You place razor blades into the razor and then twist it closed. I was so surprised at how small and thin the razor blades actually were. I never gave it much thought before.

I followed the included directions down to a T. I showered first, gave my face a good scrub with the pre-wash that I had from a previous review and then lathered up with the shaving cream that I’ve been using since I did that last shaving related review. I contemplated using the mug and brush shaving cream that my parents got me for Christmas last year but it was more of a novelty than well engineered shaving cream. So my face was ready. I was a bit concerned because I’ve been shaving with a multi-bladed razor for a while and would a single blade do what I needed?

A Butterfly opening to insert the single blades.

The razor certainly performed. It cut through a four day stubble like it was nothing. I got a very smooth shave. I was also concerned that the MicroTouch One was so small that I wouldn’t have a great grip on the razor. It worked fine in that respect.

I am going to have to get used to shaving with a single blade though. I did nick myself more than I usually do, which is pretty much never. I had a bunch of nicks when I was done shaving with the MicroTouch One. I also got a pretty good cut. I will definitely have to go a lot slower with this razor in the future.

There is a mirror on the inside of the MicroTouch One carrying case.

As far as the economy of using this razor there is no comparison. Buying the multi-bladed refills is crazy expensive and you can get the MicroTouch One for $20 plus shipping and handling and it comes with 24 blades. Plus you can wash the whole blade after each use and keep it in pretty decent shape for longer. You can buy the Microtouch One for the same amount it would be for a set of four refill cartridges for a multi-bladed razor.

I’ve used the razor a number of times since trying it out that first time. I’ve gone slower, made sure that my face was sufficiently prepped and did not have the same nicks and cuts issue that I did on the first outing. I will certainly be using this razor from now on. I may even pick a few up for gifts.