Eva and I in our Mouth Man Hoodies

Review: Mouth Man Hoodies

Eva and her Mouth Man Hoodie

I was given a couple of the Mouth Man hoodies to try out and review. I picked a cute tree frog one for Eva and a fiery dragon for myself. The unique thing about these hoodies is that if you wrap your arms around yourself like you are giving yourself a hug and you can move your arms up and down like a mouth opening and closing you make the hoodie animated.

The hoodies look really great on kids. The head and the body are in proportion when kids do the arm motion and things look right. When I do the motion in my hoodie the arms are up too high so you still see the dragon’s head. But it is still a fun concept. Especially at a sporting event for rallying the team.

Me in my Mouth Man Hoodie.

Me and My Mouth Man Hoodie

Eva and I with our Hoodies in Action.

Eva and I in our Mouth Man Hoodies

Here are a bunch of the other hoodies in action.

Here are some other fun and newsworthy facts about Mouth Man apparel:

  • Invented by rock band Journey founding members Ross Valory and Prairie Prince. Watch the Youtube video below to see the story for Valory’s inspiration.

  • Made in the USA in two California locations
  • Made of recycled fabric from plastic bottles
  • Fabric is UPF 50 so creates a great sunshield for kids at the pool or outdoor athletes
  • Moisture wicking fabric great for layering for year-round activities
  • Comes in dozens of fun designs like Raptor, Shark, Orca, T-Rex. Visit the company’s site at www.MouthMan.com to see them all!
  • $29.99 for kid’s sizes; $39.99 for adults. $5 Flat Ground Shipping in the U.S. Sizes 2T up to Adult 2XL.

I have a coupon code for you! Enter kidstuff at checkout and you get 25% off the entire order, expires 7/01/2012.

Check out Mouth Man on Twitter and on Facebook.

Ross Valory, an original member of the rock band Journey, founded Mouth Man, the original in animated apparel. Ross is Journey’s noted bass player and along with Neal Schon, is the only founding member of the band still performing with the group. In 2009, Mouth Man opened its first satellite office in Pacheco, California. The next year the company opened a state of the art printing facility in Benicia, CA. It is from this location that future dreams are unfolding as Mouth Man continues to surge into the exciting apparel industry. As they highly recommend, buy a shirt, give yourself a hug and have your own Mouth Man moment!

Disclosure: I received the hoodies to try out and review. Opinions about the product are 100% my own.

4 thoughts on “Review: Mouth Man Hoodies”

  1. Just when you think they’ve built all they can… Such an awesome idea, I can’t believe no one’s thought of it before! My kids would go nuts for these, especially a shark or dinosaur one.

    1. Andrew,

      It is a really fun item for kids. I’m pretty sure I can’t wear that outside the house unless I’m going LARPing or something. I don’t LARP, Although Eva has a Captain America Shield and a Sword, Thor helmet and cape. Oh boy gives me an idea.

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