Review: Safari Ltd. Sea and Swamp Dragons

Safari Limited Dragons

I love dragons. I think I have always loved these powerful fantasy creatures. Oddly, I have never played Dungeons and Dragons and I probably really would have loved playing that as a kid. I did play a bunch of games that were based on the Dungeons and Dragons rules and characters. safari Ltd. knows how to do dragons. They have some beautiful hand painted dragons and I was able to get two more of them to review. I received the Swamp Dragon and the Sea Dragon. I went and found some places to take fun shots of them with my Samsung NX300 and NX30 cameras. I was trying to find the proper environments for each of them. I did find a swampy place but as far as the Sea I’m going to have to take the Sea Dragon to the Cape this summer to take some Sea photos. I made do with a thin layer of ice for the reflection and look of water.

Swamp Dragon Head

First of the two is the Swamp Dragon. This dragon has the muted colors of the swamp. It stays very low to the ground as it makes its way through the swamp.

Swamp Dragon Peeking

The Swamp Dragon is perfectly suited for life in the swamp. It is a solitary creature that spend his time avoiding people and catching a myriad of prey. He is well camouflaged for this pursuit.

Swamp Dragon in Swamp

The small wings on the Swamp Dragon are less for flying and more for being able to move through the water easily. The wings and dorsal ridge also look like leaves and debris in order to better sneak up on his prey.

Swamp Dragon Back

a Swamp Dragon is one of the smaller dragons because of their environment. I’d say that they are slightly larger than an alligator by half.

Sea Dragon Close

In contrast to the Swamp dragon, the Sea Dragon is quite large. It is ideally suited for life in the sea and is rarely if ever seen.

Sea Dragon

The coloring of the Sea Dragon makes me think that it can be found in warm tropical waters. The bright blue and aquamarine colors catch the light of the southern sun and cause it to stay hidden until the very moment it strikes.

Sea Dragon Far

With a long powerful tail and webbed claws the Sea Dragon can cut through the water like a torpedo and attack ships laden with treasure. Even though it is a dragon of the sea it still craves massive amounts of treasure.

Sea Dragon Back

The Sea Dragon was fun to shoot and is one of my favorite looking dragons. I love the colors and details on the dragon. I look forward to adding more dragons to my personal collections and sharing them with you. This dragon, the Sea Dragon is going to get another photo shoot once the weather gets nicer and we can get to the beach. Although, I am very tempted to hot glue this dragon to the bow of my kayak so I can take him on all my kayaking adventures.