Review: Safari Ltd. Seashore Toys

Safari Ltd. Flying Fish

We received a large box of toys from Safari Ltd. to play with and review. Opinions are 100% my own.

The box we received contained five Safari Ltd. toys that were part of the Sea Life line. We received a Flying Fish, a Sea Turtle, A Horseshoe Crab, a Blue Crab and a Starfish. MY challenge to myself was to take them to the beach and try and get a very realistic looking photo of each of the toys. I then provide Safari Ltd. with my photos to use for their blog and Social Media Outlets. They’ve used a few of my photos so far and I think they are really going to like these. I was unable to get a realistic image of the flying Fish so Eva held that while I took her photo.

Safari Ltd. Sea Turtle

I think that the Sea Turtle was one of the easiest to photograph because it needed only to be in the sand. I tried to bury it a little to make it look like it was laying eggs. The detail on the sea turtle is nice. It looks pretty realistic, too. It is a good sized toy and nice for small hands.

Safari Ltd. Horseshoe Crab

The Horseshoe Crab was fun to photograph because it was very detailed on the underside. After a storm we tended to find many Horseshoe Crabs washed up on the beach and I’ve seen a few while snorkeling. I decided that I wanted to put this one right up to the edge of the water and get some water on it and some sea foam around ti to make it look as realistic as possible. I thought it came out looking pretty lifelike.

Safari Ltd. Starfish

For the Starfish I was reminded of the story of the Starfish Flinger and so I definitely wanted a hand picking up the starfish. Eva came with me to take the photos and I just love how the light was hitting the sand right where she was touching the starfish. Also having all of those seashells around and the water rolling in that looked really good and pretty lifelike. The starfish looks pretty nice, too. Good color and detail to it, also.

Safari Ltd. Blue Crab

The Blue Crab is a large toy. I brought it over to this little pond where I used to catch Blue Crabs and other crabs when I was a kid. Eva and I wandered around this area and I talked with her about sandbars and the tides and things that I did when I was a kid. We had a nice time and then I found different areas to pose the Blue Crab. I found a rock covered in seaweed and thought that if a crab was out of the water it would find a spot like this to hang out.

Once again I am super impressed with the quality and detail of the Safari Ltd. toys. These particular toys will live at the Cape where the kids can play with them at the beach.