Review: Snackeez™ – A Drink Cup and Snack Bowl In-One

Snackeez in Package

Eva – Dad, can we get one of those?

Me – One of what?

Eva – A Snackeez™ ! On the TV, I want one of those Snackeez™, please?!?

Well, as luck would have it we got a Snackeez™ to try out and review. Opinions of the product are, as always, 100% our own based upon our experiences.

Our Snackeez™ arrived and I placed it by the computer. I had to go to sleep for work so I did not get to open it or try it out. I didn’t even hide it from Eva. When I woke up she was all excited telling me that my Snackeez™ had arrived. I don’t know who she thought brought in the mail but anyway she was excited.

Her excitement, however, had to wait because I wanted to try out the Snackeez™ for myself before I gave it to her to have. So, I brought it with me to work. I work a 12 hour overnight shift and during that time I have many drinks (I’m trying to have mostly water but occasionally some Coke Zero or Light Lemonade). And I also snack. Long hour shifts in front of the computer are pretty conducive to snacking. The nice thing around the Snackeez™ though is that the snack container is 4 ounces and so you can have a small snack and try to stick to portion control (as long as you don’t make multiple snack refills)

Mini Cookies in my Snackeez

My First snack and drink combo was mini chocolate chip cookies and light lemonade. Good combination and the Snackeez™ was fun to use.

Later in the night I had a snack of Coke Zero and Pringles. The Pringles fit in the snack container perfectly. another nice thing about using the Snackeez™ was that I didn’t have to have a bowl or anything on my desk or put the snacks on a napkin or directly onto the desk. No mess on the desk, perfect.

One thing I will warn you about is that when you pour soda into the Snackeez™ pull the straw up a little bit so it isn’t directly touching the bottom of the drink cup. I had my straw tight to the bottom of the cup and fizz came up through the straw. But I pulled the straw up slightly and there was no more issue. Other than that it performed so well. I filled the drink cup and the secured the snack lid then turned the cup over and there was no leakage. This is a well designed product and I eventually had to give the Snackeez™ to my daughter. Now I’m going to buy my own and probably one for my wife and son even though he isn’t quite old enough for one. They will be a great thing to bring to the beach.

Full Snackeez

Here’s the official write up about Snackeez™ and a link to the Snackeez™ site where you can buy 2 for the price of one, a great deal.

Snackeez™ are the all-in-one snacking solution that’s sweeping the nation because they are great to use at home or on-the-go. A drink cup and snack bowl in-one, Snackeez™ holds a full 16-ounce beverage and 4-ounces of your favorite snack in a colorful and convenient travel cup complete with lid and straw. The Snackeez™’ bowl fits perfectly into the cup and twists on for a solid seal. It even has a flip-top lid so dirt, bugs, and even germs stay out of snacks when you’re not snacking.

Snackeez™ are ideal for breakfast on the run, snacking in the car, after school, or by the pool, even watching TV with the family. Kids love the convenience and moms love it because there’s less mess.

Snackeez™ are durable, BPA free, and top-rack dishwasher safe, so clean up is a breeze.

Anywhere and anytime, it’s Snackeez™ time! Available in four color schemes at Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Walmart and more. Just $9.99.

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