Scott Baio is 46 and a clueless dolt…

Charles in Charge he is not. The new reality series Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant is a follow up to last year’s train wreck reality series of Scott Baio is 45 and single. The show should be Scott Baio is a big baby with no concept of reality. I am embarrassed and annoyed every time Allison watches this show. She likes reality shows I cannot stop her obsession with trashy TV. I am sure we are going to see Scott’s transition from freaked out manchild to halfway decent/barely passable father. I watched part of this show as I walked through the living room with my own daughter. The show is insulting to fathers.

For one thing he’s all upset because his child is going to be a girl. I have a girl and she is the most special gift we could ever have. It says nothing about my manliness that I am raising a girl. She is an absolute princess in my eyes and I am glad we have a girl.

Scott wants a bigger house so he can have alone time. Man up you big baby, alone time is few and far between you had better get right in there from day one changing diapers getting puked on and the like. This is your child you are responsible for her. And you better help your wife. And not just wait to be asked or nagged, get in there and do it.

I hope that for the child’s sake this is all acting for the camera but Scott Baio is certainly no Charles in Charge, heck he isn’t even Buddy Lembeck. Although seeing the two of them get back together as a team would have been a better reality show than the two Corey’s. For one thing Scott is was quite the ladies man and Willie Aames is Bible Man. I can see controversy all over that one. And since they are both VH1 Celeb-reality Stars I bet VH1 could get a cheap 2 for one deal on them.

But on a more serious note I hope that for the sake of the child Scott grows up and takes on the role of the responsible adult and no longer the manchild that we are seeing so far.