Scrubs: My Princess

Spoiler alert. This is a recap and so major plot points will be pointed out

First off, thanks writer’s strike for totally screwing up this show. However they can’t take all the blame as the show has slowly been declining in quality all season. And tonight’s episode which was supposed to be some sort of homage to The Princess Bride was anything but. It was terrible. The whole episode was so terrible that it doesn’t even warrant a full on review. This could not have been the intended season finale and what a way to leave the NBC on a dying sputtering whimper of banal pathetic dreck.

Let’s forget the fact that last episode Dr. Cox or rather Chief Dr. Cox was now the Chief of staff and Dr. Kelso was out. So why was Dr. Kelso in this episode as the Chief of staff. There was no explanation for that other than that this should not have been the season finale.

Basically the story is told by Dr. Cox who is telling a bedtime story to Jack about a very bad day in the hospital. But rather than tell a hospital story he makes it a story about a princess and an idiot. Dr. Cox is of course the best and brightest character in the whole story and I loved that. Him as s shining white knight with the amazing mustache and goatee.

All the other characters were made into ogres, fairies, trolls, a two headed witch. And basically the story comes down to J.D. and Elliot trying to save a patient that they have been unable to diagnose. They finally do and in the story she lives. I think my favorite part of this story was when Dr. Cox leaves Jack’s room and Jordan asks if she really lived and Dr. Cox sits down with her and says, “That’s how I’m telling it.” I like it when you see that Dr. Cox has a heart under that armor.

Other than that bit that I liked I was wholly disappointed in the entire episode. It was nothing like the princess bride except that everyone looked like rejects from a Ren Faire.

I used to feel this way about Zach Braff back when Garden State came out. But now… Oh well.

You can watch the episode for yourself on hulu. For some reason Scrubs is too good for allowing embedding.

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  1. i think i read somewhere that to the writers and such this was kind of the “eff u” episode to nbc after canceling it. when they regroup on abc it will probably be better…hopefully.

    i agree that this episode was drivel.

    Mo’s last blog post..I’m coming home!!!

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