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As I search around the Internet for other kayaking websites, products and other items I came across Sea Kayaking Dot Net. The author Adam Bolonsky is an avid kayaker from Gloucester, MA. He watches what is happening in the world of kayaking and is great about reporting the information to his readers, that is when he is not out kayaking. He also writes for several print and online publications.

Some of Adam’s latest posts have been about NOAA charts. Reading through his posts one can see why he writes for so many publications, he is clear and concise and full of great information. I will be adding his blog to my list of kayak resources and frequenting his blog often to learn more.

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2 thoughts on “Sea Kayaking Dot Net”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Ben. Take a look at The Finnish fellow developing the site has tons of info on technique and rolling, all done in 3D animations.

    He and I will be working together to better localize the English.

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