Selective Focus

Photo-A-Day #1675

Today I was working on my first ever Behind the Lens newsletter. This is something brand new for subscribers that want a little more insight into me, photography and blogging. Each Issue will have some photo tips, a little private video message and much more. Have you signed up yet?

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I took a few more photos out on the porch along with a video welcoming people to the Newsletter. But you need to sign up to see everything and why.

Today I was blown away by a post from Ted Murphy. In it he talks about the sense of Entitlement that pervades many bloggers. I completely agree with what Ted is saying on that topic. But what blew me off my feet was the fact that Ted called me out in the post. No, not because he thought I was a blogger who operated from that sense of entitlement but rather to thank me for being a good blogger and friend. Thanks Ted! You, as always, continue to give.