Send me a Hawaii Chair, please…

Allison has been watching Ellen often and despite the writer’s strike Ellen is still giving us a great show to watch. The Ellen video I saw on Be A Good Dad. I had heard about this thing called the Hawaii chair on the Mad Gringo’s blog. The Hawaii chair is a chair that has a motor and swivels around as you sit. The infomercial is a riot and I think it is unintentional but then Ellen has guests sit on the chair and it is very very funny.

Here is the real infomercial.

I am posting this open letter to the company Perfect USA.

I would love to review this product. I work 8 hours a day in a chair and can provide amazing feedback on a daily basis on my many blogs. I need to lose weight and would gladly add this product to my regimen of sitting. I know of nothing else I could use to work out for an entire day while just sitting.

I think this would be a great chair to help kayakers too, do you see how much it swivels, you could strengthen your core abdominals as well as improve your balance. Simply amazing.

So Perfect USA if you’d like a review from a great sitter please contact me.

4 thoughts on “Send me a Hawaii Chair, please…”

  1. I saw the Hawaii chair last week and laughed so ridiculously I think my new neighbors hate me! I hope the vendors read your plea and you get one!!!

  2. I think it would be fantastic. Allison and I were joking about all the things that you could do on the chair. Making phone calls looked so natural that naturally I thought of some other funny things to show on the video. Applying makeup, shaving, and many more things.

  3. Thanks Navillus99, I appreciate you visiting my blogs. However you might not want to cut and paste the same message on every blog. It can be seen as spam. I hope you come back and visit and leave me a comment appropriate to the content of my blog posts.

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