Sexy Back is killing me….

Today I spent alot of time working on the videos for the upcoming Marketing Day. One of the videos I am working on is a music video set to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back. That song is stuck in my head and will not get out for weeks to come. Marketing day is on the 17th and I don’t know how much more I can take. We’ve got some real fun stuff planned for the day and I am really looking forward to everyone seeing what is in store, especially the videos I’ve been working on. I’m learning all this great stuff from Adobe Premiere Elements. Things I can apply to future projects of my own. Maybe some Vlogs later on. Who knows. For now, you can watch the video and the song can be stuck in your head too.

One thought on “Sexy Back is killing me….”

  1. Personally, I’m glad JT took the initiative and brought sexy back…if anyone could do it – it was certainly him!

    Be glad it’s that song…it could be much much worse!!

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