She’s my Favorite Character

Photo-A-Day #3407

With all the Guardians of the Galaxy talk around my house for the past few months the kids are now big fans of the characters. Eva loves Gamora, “because she is green and looks like a human but she is an alien.” Those were her words when describing Gamora. She’s asked me a bunch of times what Gamora does in the movie. I’m going to have her listen to the Interview that we did with Zoe Saldana about playing Gamora. I think she will love it.

We went to the Mall today and Eva and I got Subway for lunch. She was so thrilled to get a Gamora backpack with her lunch and she wants to wear it everywhere.

Today was also the day that Allison was getting to see The Guardians of the Galaxy. Our friend Mike came over for dinner and then went with us to the IMAX to see the movie. The kids were so excited to have Mike at the house. They fought for seats next to him for dinner.

Guardians of the Galaxy was even better the second time around. I finally got to see that final scene at the very end of the credits. Pretty funny. and I made sure I looked for many things during the Collector and The Broker scenes. I think I caught most of the Easter eggs.