Shoot to Chill

Photo-A-Day #2830

The one Skylander that Eva was most excited about for Christmas was Chill. I think this was because of a couple of reasons. Chill was one of the first new Skylanders Giants characters I heard of and when I did I told Eva all about her. We read her bio and learned all we could about her. The second reason was that she is a female character. There are not a lot of female characters in the Skylanders game but Skylanders Giants gave us a bunch of them and that made Eva very happy. Chill is a fun character and the other night Allison and I played together. She used Chill and I used Fright Rider and Pop Fizz. Chill has some fun abilities which are ice based. One ability is to create a wall of ice blocks and then to push those blocks at bad guys to attack them. She’ll get even more powerful as we continue to use her and I look forward to seeing what else she can do.

I just started using a new phone. It is an HTC One X+. I’ll be using it for a few months, taking photos and videos and using it daily. I haven’t done a lot with it yet but I did set up the connection to our wireless network at home so that I could set up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. I wanted to see what sort of difference there was in the cameras on the iPhone and the HTC One X+. One feature I like about the iPhone is that I can tap anywhere on the screen to set the exposure and I was able to get the image above to be a bit lighter. I was unable to figure out how to do this with the HTC One X+. I’ll figure out how to get the images to automatically lighten up on this camera as I work more with it this month.


There are other features that I love about the HTC One X+ camera though. If I keep my finger on the shutter button it will take a rapid series of images. This is great for taking photos of the kids. I tried it out with Andrew and Eva. I was able to take 20 images in a few seconds and then select my best shot and trash the rest of them, pretty amazing bit of technology. It got grainy when zooming in through he camera. I will see what my extra mini magnetic lenses can do with this camera as well.

Disclosure: I’m part of Troop One X and as such I received an HTC One X+ camera to test out and review. Opinions of the phone and what it can do are 100% my own.