Shopping for Baby Clothes…

We have a wonderful baby girl, maybe you have seen her on these blog pages. If you haven’t then you haven’t been looking hard enough at all. We are very fortunate that there are family members that are older than Eva who have clothes to help hand down to her. And being first time parent’s on a budget let me tell you, that helps greatly.

Sometimes however sometimes we end up buying a very cute little outfit that is uniquely Eva’s. And when we do so we like to save money. You can spend a fortune on infant clothes and they don’t even wear half of them. We’ve received hand me down clothes that were brand new because the babies grow way to fast. So what are you going to do to save some money and also keep your baby clothed.

Well, I have found a site called Baby Mall Online that not only has a huge selection of well prices baby clothes but also great prices on other essential baby items. The website itself has a great interface and it is very easy to find the essential baby items that you are looking for. They even have a section called Deals where they list out deals from $1 to $5. This is a perfect place to go to get those items that you need multiples of, like bibs. Man, Eva goes through bibs like crazy. Take a look at Baby Mall Online, you will be sure to find things that you need.

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  1. There’s another website called which can helps parents locate baby clothing. They can create a profile of their infants body measurements and use those measurements to find the best fitting clothing added to the site by private parties and businesses.

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