Site Changes

It is that time again. You may have noticed that I have made some site changes. First off I edited the header. I changed the graphic to now include a photo of Allison and me. The title is no part of the graphic and you may notice a (period) before the word The. The reason for this is that without some text in title section of Blogger the graphic gets too small. I haven’t figured out how to put in invisible text so the (period) is pretty unobtrusive. Also if you were to click on a specific post and go to that posts page then you can click the (period) to get back to the homepage.

Next up I got rid of the South Park Characters. They were cute and all but they have had their moment and are now gone. I also got rid of the imood settings, I couldn’t keep up with changing the moods and some days I had no mood at all. I still add a mood to my MySpace posts where I post copies of Photo-A-Day.

I added the latest posts to the top of the page so you could just click and go rather than have to scroll down to the stories.

I added a graphic link to the Flatwater BookStore. I have many ideas to make that a better place. It will be where I will review books I’ve read and movies I’ve watched. Also items I have purchased from

I’m only putting one recommended Amazon item up on the main header as a opposed to the three I used to have up there.

Videos: I’m going to put up videos each week, probably mostly 80’s stuff but you can click and play them right from the blog.

The buttons for feed subscription were moved to the sidebar under the I Power Blogger button.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the changes.