Site Changes…

In an attempt to make this site more compact and easier to navigate, without bombarding you with ads and long lists of links, I have been making some changes. The changes are taking longer than expected because of the numerous coding items that I am setting up for the site. I haven’t even thought of doing anything to the actual design look of the site, as far as color and graphic changes.

Gradually I am converting all the links to drop down menus so that you don’t have to scroll as much to find your favorite sites.

I’ve added a table to the top with some things like a Flatwater Bookstore Findings section, basically books and movies I think you should have because they are awesome or because I am currently reading/watching them.

Then Photo-A-Day is right there on top of the screen along with the options to get the BenSpark as an RSS feed. A link to Blogroll the site and a link to my Blogshares page.

This leaves the sidebar less cluttered so that you can go directly to the Wedding F.A.Q. and see our countdowns.

I do have to find a way to get the Trivia game link in a more prominent position. That is why alot of people come here.