Skate Stoppers….

I should buy stock in this company. Skate Stoppers is a company that has created metal plates that can be affixed to concrete walls and railings and pretty much anyplace where skateboarding, bmx biking, blading should not be taking place. I’m not saying that skateboarding, bmx biking, blading is a crime. We all know the rally cry of the oppressed skateboarder, bmx biking, blading , “Skateboarding, Blading, BMXing is not a crime!” No it is not a crime, but skating, bmx biking, blading on private property and public places and causing damage is disrespectful.

There is the argument that skateboarders, bmxers, bladers are athletes and they train as hard as other athletes. That may be true. However, athletes train in the proper locations. If your town doesn’t have a skate park/bike park, work on getting one built. Then go there and train all you want.

Now, you may be a skater, extreme bmx bike rider, or rollerblader, that is fine. However, I don’t want you skating, blading, biking on my property. And in my observation of the behaviors of the local skating, biking, blading crowd in my town asking them to stop doesn’t work. They just come back later.

I’ve read the section of the Skate Stoppers website called Industry References which basically has skating websites weigh in on Skate Stoppers. As you can imagine, the skating industry and skateboarders are not happy with Skate Stoppers. But the arguments against Skate Stoppers are just entertaining, not good arguments mind you, but entertaining in their baseness and lack of intelligent thought.

If you can give me an intelligent, well formed argument about why it is okay to skate, bmx bike, or blade on private or public property, like churches, or people’s homes, without resorting to vulgarity and slang, I might listen. I’d really like to hear a convincing argument for why property damage and disrespect to private property is okay.