Target Exclusive Granite Crusher

Skylanders Giants is one week away in North America!

One week from right now Skylanders Giants will be released in North America. I can not wait for this title to be released and I am always on the lookout for new Skylanders information. The other day I was in Target and saw that there was some signage for the upcoming game and I noticed something that I did not know. Target has an exclusive CRUSHER character, it is a Granite Crusher. I have not seen the figure anywhere online but this was the first I had heard about this exclusive figure.

Target Exclusive Granite Crusher

Then I started looking for other exclusive figures. I learned that the starter pack at Walmart contains an exclusive glow in the dark Cynder.

Then I started looking for what characters would be released in Wave 1 of this new game. Obviously not every new character will be released at the same time as the game is released. There will be the artificial scarcity of figures for months and then the market will be completely saturated.

The Wave 1 list of characters is below plus a few more goodies.


  • Tree Rex – In the Starter Pack
  • Bouncer – There is a Legendary Version at Toys R Us
  • Crusher – Granite Crusher is a Target Exclusive Variant to this figure.
  • Swarm

Series 2 Skylanders:

  • Trigger Happy
  • Slam Bam
  • Cynder – In the Starter Pack – Glow in the Dark version in Walmart Starter Packs

LightCore Skylanders:

  • Drobot
  • Prism Break
  • Eruptor

New Skylanders:

  • Fright Rider
  • Chill – In a three pack
  • Pop Fizz – Red one in the 3Ds starter pack
  • Jet Vac – In the Starter Pack

Triple Packs:

  • Triple Pack – Pop Fizz, Trigger Happy (S2) and Whirlwind
  • Triple Pack – Chill, Ignitor and Zook
  • Battle Pack: Chop Chop, Shroomboom, Dragonfire Cannon Golden Dragonfire Cannon – Game Stop Exclusive

I wanted to find out more about Wave 1 and saw that Wired’s Geek Dad Adam Robertson visited Toys for Bob and got to play through the different figures, he has figure unboxing videos of each of the wave 1 characters. The walkthrough is very cool and I learned a bunch of things about the upcoming game like difficulty level. You can change the difficulty level while you play, so if a section is too hard or too easy you can challenge yourself or give yourself a break. There is even a mode called Nightmare mode and that is unlocked when you complete the game on any level you unlock Nightmare mode. And once you are in Nightmare mode you cannot drop the difficulty down, you are in for a rough ride, so level up your characters before attempting that mode.

I also learned that Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) is the voice of Crusher. I have a feeling that Crusher is going to be my favorite character.

If you like Skylanders then I recommend that you do watch the FGTV video (it is a half hour) because it gives you some cool insight into the game. Now if you don’t want to know anything about the game or want to experience it all on your own then don’t watch because there is some great info in the walkthrough video.

10 thoughts on “Skylanders Giants is one week away in North America!”

  1. I’m truly excited for you!! While it’s not quite the level of excitement you have for Skylanders…I feel about the same way in regard to Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. I told myself I’d hold off and get it when it’s been out for a bit and marked down…but I don’t think I can wait. Especially with the special WiiMote Accessory Packs (a paintbrush for Mickey and an old school remote for Oswald). How old am I again? Oh, I’m pretty sure it’s 7 (in Disney Years!)

    1. Mo,

      I still haven’t played Epic Mickey, I’d love to pick that up. The special accessory pack sounds very cool. I’m going to go look that up.

      1. It’s honestly so much fun! The first one was “lonely” though as you could only have one player. It’s the first game I ever got to the last level of…no lie. I haven’t finished though…I don’t want it to end!! Be careful though-it’s a time suck. I’d start at 3 on a Sunday and all of a sudden realize that the only light in the room was from my TV because it was 7. Sad.

        1. Mo,

          That’s the thing about having kids. No 3am to 7am video game nights. There’s no way I can stay up past 11pm on non-work nights. 🙂 But for now Skylanders is it for me! That is a time suck but so much fun to have. Are you looking to get Giants? How about the Wii U? I’m looking forward to that.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Toys R Us had a sneak wave two preview yesterday and they released 8 of the Series 2 figures as well as 2 new figures, 1 lightcore figure and one giant. I was able to get all figures except for the lightcore Jet Vac and HotHead the giant.

      1. i picked up all of wave 2 today including jet vac! i got the only one that they got. 🙂 now looking for an approximate date of wave 3?

  2. Never heard about Skylanders Giants. Thanks for the info. I will tell my son and we are going to watch the video on FGTV.

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