Skylanders Undead Element Coloring Page

Photo-A-Day #2816

In addition to playing the Skylanders games on Wii, 3DS, Wii U, Online and iOS I collect the figures, play with the MegaBloks sets, collect the trading cards and now am coloring each of the teams from Spyro’s Adventure. About month or more ago I downloaded the Life Element team and colored it in. I have a set of colored pencils and some crayons at work so that I can color from time to time when it is slow. I enjoy coloring. I especially like coloring these Skylanders coloring pages. They were done by the artist for Skylanders and his blog is Crabfu.cpm. He has a page of coloring page images with every single Elemental Skylanders team (From the first game). So far I’ve done three out of the eight elements and have since downloaded all the rest so that I can color the rest of them with Eva and she can hang them in her room.

Eva's Skylander Wall

Of course my coloring implements of choice are Crayola. I’ve recently gotten the Twistables colored pencils. I’m not sure about those yet, they are not quite colored pencils and not quite crayons. They are strange but cool. I have to use them more.