Photo-A-Day #1282

Today Allison, Eva and I went up to Wachusett Mountain to meet Neil and Andrea for a day to take photos, check out the ski swap and ride the ski lift to the top. However, before that we made a stop off at the Bellingham Public Library so I could leave three of my photos for a photo contest. Our friend Amy told me about it so I picked three of my favorites to enter, one color, one country living and one photo illustration. Next week is the opening reception. I think then they will reveal the winners. I’m not sure my chances but it will be fun to compete.

At Wachusett we took the ski lift to the top of the mountain and walked around a bit. We walked up even further to the very top. On the very top there wasn’t the best view but we could see the Boston skyline. I also saw a Can-Am Spyder at the top. This machine is sweet. I really wanted to talk to the person who owned it but they were no where around.

After the ride on the ski lift we had some lunch and then I went over to the Snowboard Rail Jam and took a bunch of photos. I have a whole set from Wachusett on Flickr.

Also we stopped for dinner at John and Eva’s. It was fun to watch Eva interact with her Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather. It was very cute.

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