Small and Squishy

Photo-A-Day #2366

My desk at work now has some small and squishy friends. I have a now Moshi Monsters Moshling, Some Trash Pack figures and some Ickee Stikeez and some new Hot Wheels Squinkies. There is a trend happening with small and squishy collectible products. Here is why they are hot, they are small, they are inexpensive and they are collectible. I’ll be talking about some of these products in some future posts but for now I’ve got them hanging out on my desk.

Eva has been singing like crazy lately. The song that she sings every day over and over is “The Tide is Hive” (The Tide is High). She’s been doing this since Shelby’s wedding when she and cousin Maddie listened to the Lizzie Maguire Movie Soundtrack together. Then Maddie gave us the CD and we loaded it onto Eva’s iPod. Well, at time to Play I got a Voice Rockrz microphone and I gave it to Eva today. Why don’t companies put some volume control on these type of products? It has one volume, loud. But it was fun playing with Eva. The Microphone can change from high notes, to echo to robotic voices. When the microphone is in high level mode you sound like a chipmunk. Eva had that and started laughing and it sounded hilarious so she laughed more and I laughed as well. It was so funny.

Today we went as a family to the doctor for an Ultrasound. I know I’ve been very quiet about Allison’s pregnancy on the blog. Someone mentioned that to me this past week and well I’ve just been cautiously optimistic and so I haven’t written much. Well, Allison is now about a month + away from delivering baby surprise. We went to see the baby today on the Ultrasound. The baby was shy though.The baby is head down and facing Allison’s back. So getting a face or profile image didn’t happen. But the baby is doing well and we are very happy about that. I also sort of realized that Eva’s birthday is 10/10 and if the baby is born in November I’m pulling for 11/11 because not only would the birthday be 11/11/11 but Eva’s birthday would be 10/10 and baby surprise would be 11/11 would be cool for some reason.

Allison and Eva went over to lunch with Allison’s former boss and co-workers. I went to Benny’s and bought a big wrench and some gorilla glue. I got home and got to work on a few things. The big wrench was to help me take the pedals off Eva’s other bike as I try and make a glide bike out of it. Long story short I still have the pedals on the bike. I need more tools or something because this will not come off.

I then mowed the lawn, only the part outside the fence because it was getting too high and I didn’t have time to do it all but didn’t want the part that the neighbors see to be so overgrown. Welcome to home ownership. I also realized yesterday that I need to do some gutter cleaning. There was so much water coming down that it was just going over the gutters and onto the ground. We have an area that leaks int he basement too. when the house got an addition it wasn’t quite buttoned up well enough. Luckily it is in an area where we don’t store anything so I should be okay, for now.

Rounding out the Honey Do list I fixed Eva’s bureau drawer again. It was from IKEA and served us well for a while now but her clothes are heavier now and the bottom bowed out. IKEA furniture is meant to go together and then be completely broken down to take with you. Since we’ll never do that I might as well just glue up those parts of the drawer that are more flimsy. The gorilla glue worked. Not the super glue Gorilla Glue, the actual wood type bonding glue, worked great.

Took an nap and then went to work. I brought a bunch of the Time to Play toys that I got on Tuesday with me. They are now on my desk.

10 thoughts on “Small and Squishy”

    1. Bruker,

      Thanks for the comment. I hope that you enjoy the rest of the posts that I put up. Be on the lookout for November’s big event, SwagsGiving.

  1. Ben, I am into collecting old toys especially superheroes from the 80’s. Seeing the “Small and Squishy” post made me realize that I was still missing something in my younger days because I never got a chance to take a look at these little buddies. 😉 Well, good thing you did. Thanks for posting!

  2. I hope your next little dolly IS born on 11/11 – that would be super cool. We mathy types think those sort of patterns are cool. But as they say “10 fingers, 10 toes”! Good luck, keep us up to date.

    1. Dave,

      One can only hope. I think the pattern would be cool too and also the 10 fingers, 10 toes is the way to go. That is what I’m hoping for.

  3. Glad to know that your baby is doing great. Lol that would be amazing to have your second baby born on 11/11/11. You know we have this amazing fact in our family where most members of our family are born in september, almost 20 birthdays only in september. You can imagine the amount we have to spend in terms of birthday gifts 😉

    1. Jeremy,

      Wow, so many in September. Sounds like a lot of people enjoying the New Year’s holiday in your family. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. That’s very cute Ben! I am a collector also and I collect almost anything. From mugs to little toys and this, I think I will add in my list of collections. These small and squishy friends as you call it will be on top of my desk one of these days.

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