So I’m a day late..

Yesterday was International Talk Like A Pirate day, one of my favorite days ever. I like it because of my affinity for Jimmy Buffett, Pirate movies and the uncontrollable desire to say, Yarr!.

This year I celebrated by wearing my eyepatch at work, watching the YouTube videos from the Pirate guys and sponsoring a contest on my blog The Benspark.

Allison and I are members of the Disney Movie Club and while it is pretty good for the most part we have accidentally had to buy movies. And I mean accidentally because somoene (me) doesn’t go to the website and deny the pick of the month. Well, a couple of months back Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest came to our house. We already owned it, in fact we bought it from Disney Movie Club the previous month. So it sat in our living room and it ended up staying with us. I want to give it away so I am sponsoring a contest over at The BenSpark to do that very thing.

You have until the 28th to enter the contest.

Join the Blog Rush.