Space is His Place

Space is his place
Photo-A-Day #4371

Today was Space Day at Andrew’s school. This is one of the most fun days for the kids when they are in the Pre-K class. They have over a week of learning about Space. The school goes all out for this day. The walls are covered with the kids’ artwork including constellations, planets and more. There are even little constellations that were made with toilet paper tubes. Then there are space themed games and astronaut foods. Andrew enjoyed the food very much. He couldn’t get enough of the Astronaut Ice Cream.

Space Ship

My mom came to the event, too. She had a nice time playing games with Andrew and even helping him with the spaceship. Someone build a spaceship playset for the school and it has three seats. There are two for the crew and one for the pilot. Andrew enjoyed playing the role of chief navigator. He very diligently plotted courses off to distant planets. He then also took a turn piloting the ship.

The Pilot