Star Wars Episode III : No Spoilers

Today Allison and I went to see the 1:45 showing of Star Wars Episode III. Overall it was a good movie. It was visually amazing, but there was just so much to see that it was just not possible to see it all. It was awesome to see Wookies. The Wookie planet was very cool. I think that Lucas tied things up very nicely overall. However, I found Anakin to be so easily led that it was silly. I also found him to be a hypocrite. The downward spiral unraveled so quickly. It certainly was a tragedy of epic proportions and capped the trilogy and made a perfect segue for Episode IV. I liked the movie alot. I look forward to seeing all the movies when they are re-re-re-released on IMAX 3-D. I think that will be starting around 2007. Should be a good thing to see.