Start Wearing Purple

I learned about the Start Wearing Purple project that Yahoo! is doing. It is pretty amazing and I need to win this contest and get my very own Purple Pedals Bike. I read through the site and entered the contest for a Purple Pedals bike of my very own. It would be so awesome to have one too.

The Project is pretty amazing. The purple bikes are made by Electra and they are the Townies model. Between the Handlebar there is a box with a camera inside. The camera takes a photo every 60 seconds when the bike is in motion. That in itself is pretty sweet but it also geotags the image and sends it directly to Flickr. Amazing! The bikes also have solar panels to charge and to power the cameras. I watched all the videos on the project as well as some of the bike rides that were done. It sounds amazing and I certainly want to be a part of this. So I entered the Purple Pedals contest. Check out the intro video.

6 thoughts on “Start Wearing Purple”

  1. any chance you will change the blog’s name back to flatwater tech? I just think it sounds better.

  2. Thanks Keith,
    I’m still tweaking it and this is not the new design. It is still in the works. I think a kayak with that sort of gear would be fantastic. I will look into setting up something like that for a future trip.

  3. This is the coolest project I have seen launched by any of the large website gurus… How can you become a bike owner? Where can you view photos?

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