Strong and Bitter Words Indicate a Weak Cause

Strong and Bitter Words Indicate a Weak Cause

Strong and Bitter Words Indicate a Weak Cause

Have you ever just fired off a rant on your blog that you later regretted posting? When I first started blogging I was traveling often and I would get really annoyed at other passengers and the whole travel industry in general. I would go off all half-cocked and write long diatribes about what I disliked. While they were entertaining to some of my friends, who often joked about when I’d be in a watchtower, they were half-cocked and fully ridiculous.

Today’s fortune is pretty appropriate because of what is going on with me today. I was the organizer of an event that was open to the entire company, over 2000 people. It went very well. After the presentation I sent out an evaluation form to all of the attendees. So far I’ve gotten back about 35 of them, mostly good stuff and great feedback. I’ve noticed that when people actually put their real name the feedback is most often constructive, mind you I did not say glowing or positive. However, when someone leaves feedback and remains anonymous their words are often strong and bitter.

What does this Mean for Bloggers?

As a blogger, even though you spend a lot of time “social networking” and having “conversations” the Internet is largely an anonymous place. Occasionally you are going to get someone who comes along and leaves an awful comment on a blog post. It may attack you, it may attack something you love or it may just be really ill informed. In those instances you have to just be like a duck and let it roll off your back. Sometimes the first response it to fire back and attack that person in a subsequent post. Resist the urge.

Being Like a Duck is Not Easy

It is not easy to let things roll off your back. I’m not denying that. I’ve certainly had my fair share of fly off the handle moments. Maybe an angry tweet or facebook status update. The thing is there is always someone out there listening. It is so easy when someone doesn’t like what you have to say to instantly cut all ties with you. Sure someone could stop listening to what you have to say for any number of reasons however if you constantly spout off bitterness in your words then don’t go and wonder why you no longer have an audience.

2 thoughts on “Strong and Bitter Words Indicate a Weak Cause”

  1. I miss the good old days of Angry Drew. You should have Angry Drew come back and do a couple of guest posts a month. We all love Angry Drew.

    FYI I provide both postive and negative feedback and always use my real name.


  2. Stephen,
    Dogs are always forthright so I know exactly were you are coming from. There is a difference between leaving negative feedback and being a jerk. Being constructive and leaving negative feedback is fine, it adds to the conversation, being a jerk doesn’t.


    Being a jerk: Your header sucks.
    Constructive: The header of your blog is so large it distorts the browser when viewed. I’m viewing at 1024 X 768. Also I have to scroll in order to get to your content.

    In the first example the blog owner has no idea what the reader doesn’t like about the header whereas in the second comment there is more feedback that the blog owner can take from the comment, they may not like the comment but at least they know what the reader’s issues are.

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