Suicidal Squirrels and The Kieran Ridge Band

Have you noticed the abundance of dead squirrels all over the roads? Yesterday as I drove home I saw one tear across three lanes of traffic avoiding the cars but then ending up at the Jersey Barrier where he most likely died of a heart attack. The dead squirrels are all over the roads. Why would a squirrel run out of a perfectly good tree and across a highway? It makes no sense to me. Did anyone else see Scrubs last week with the squirrel army that the Janitor had. Funny.

My Kieran Ridge Band CD came from yesterday. No satin pillow, but it did arrive safely. I listened to the CD on then way in to work this morning. Kieran has a sound like Bob Dylan. His songs are very bluesy and American rock influenced, his lyrics are masterful in their storytelling. This CD is one I would recommend that you purchase. I can’t wait till Kieran is touring again so I can see the band live. Kieran e-mailed me after I purchased the CD to thank me for buying a CD. ( sends a message to the artist when you purchase their CD.) He is in the studio now with a new band recording the next album. After that he’s going back out on the road. Kieran’s band is Boston based so he plays a lot in the area. Go check him out if you get a chance. I’ll post the tour schedule when I see it up on his site.