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Missing 2012 Already? There’s an App for That

Time Machine App

I’ve always thought of Shout Factory as the people who put out great DVDs of things that I really enjoy like Transformers. They also do apps. The latest one is called 2012 Time Machine. The app is a curated list of over 1,000 YouTube videos that show many popular culture stories from 2012. Going through the app took me back to some of the funnier viral videos, music from the year and movie trailers. There are also sports, news and political moments. If you missed out on the biggest stories of the past year then this app is a fun one to pour through.

I would have liked to be able to search the app for things that I liked. Also the ability to suggest additional videos for curation would be great. I do like the ability to tweet or share videos on Facebook being built in to the app. Being able to mark or star videos that you could pull up quickly to show friends would also be a good thing to add to the app.

I was pleasantly surprised to see some videos from Devin Supertramp and Lindsey Stirling in the app. The app is $0.99 and has hours of great content to check out. Here is some more information on the app and the trailer for it as well.

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