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Happy 5th Birthday Eva!

A Chuck E Cheese Birthday
Photo-A-Day #2742

A day five years in the making. Eva turned five today. She was so excited all day. The day started with breakfast with Daddy. I took Eva to Morin’s for our annual birthday breakfast. She was adorable. I gave her a birthday card and read it to her. Our waitress saw the card and asked if it was someone’s birthday. Eva was so poised and polite. Then she did one of those things that only a precocious five-year-old can get away with. The waitress was walking away and Eva said, “Why does she call everyone Dear?”

The waitress turned and smiled and said, “because I don’t know everyone’s names.”

Eva said, “Well, his name is Daddy?”

The waitress was tickled by her comment and told the other waitresses that Eva had made her day. Continue reading Happy 5th Birthday Eva!