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Being Graceful

Being Graceful
Photo-A-Day #1582

I parked in another part of the parking garage today and as I walked to my car I stopped to photograph one of the swans. I had to keep getting ahead of it so that I could get a shot of it looking at me. I like more how the water looks than the swan, love the blue and the blacks and the swirls and patterns.

By the being graceful part I am thinking about the upcoming conference Affiliate Summit. Being graceful means navigating the Meet Market with class. Navigating the speaker sessions, asking relevant questions, learning as much as I can and meeting as many people as possible. Doing this gracefully means being as open and honest with everyone I meet, listening more and talking less. There are over 3000 people who are going to be there and each person can teach me something. So I’m going to learn as much as I can.

Affiliate Summit Silver Pass Winner

Affiliate Summit Westt

The winner of the ASW Silver Pass that I received from IZEA is Wes!

Congratulations Wes of MasterlessSamuria.com.

You’d be a great person to have on my IZEA Insiders Crew, the “I’m Not A Famous Blogger” Crew.

Izea Insider