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Would You Fund a Dream Project?

Photo-A-Day #2634

A shot of some artwork on the wall here at work. On days when I am in bed all day and at work all night I find different things to shoot. I don’t like most of the art around this place but I thought that this was a very cool piece of art to shoot because of the colors. Continue reading Would You Fund a Dream Project?

In iPhone Editing and Apps

Photo-A-Day #2599

I’ve been seeing friends of mine with photos on Instagram that are divided into sections. I thought that you could do it through Instagram and tried to figure it out. I was wrong, the frames are part of another program called Diptic ($.99 on iTunes). Diptic is an app for the iPhone and it integrates with Flickr, Facebook, Posterous, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. With Diptic you can take multiple photos and put them together into one square photo. Then you can run that through Instagram or other filter apps. Continue reading In iPhone Editing and Apps